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Starbucks Coffee

Established in 1971, Starbucks is the leading coffee retailer and brand in the world, offering over 30 different kinds of coffee beans worldwide, handmade espresso, hot and cold coffees, fresh and delicious pastries, coffee machines and coffee cups.

It has successfully established itself as the premium coffee leader in China with great brand recognition and high customer satisfaction. Its inspirational, progressive, professional and intellectual image has been widely accepted by a variety of the Chinese customers including, but not limited to, a rising upper-middle class “modern Chinese”, white collar workers, expatriates, college students etc. Starbucks stands for a “modern” way of living, a positive life attitude, or an icon of a pioneering, progressing, transforming modern Chinese city.

Shop Name:    Starbucks Coffee
Shop Type:    Coffee & Dessert
Location:    NO.117, 1F, BLOCK 17
Open Hour:    07:30-00:00
Contact:    028-84701848