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LKF 2020 “Compensation” Season

LKF 2020 “Compensation” Season


Membership card top-up discount

Charge 500 for extra 100, charge 1000 for extra 200, charge 2000 for extra 500, charge 5000 for extra 1500

“Happy hour”

All beer buy six get six free

“Three and five in a row”

Three women and five men will be given a dozen beers or a bottle of champagne for free

“Ladies’ night”

The specified free cocktails for women accompanied by men

Seven Bros

Get ”Moolight Beauty“ for free,when consume in store during the event


Top up 3000 yuan to get extra 500 yuan, top up 5000 yuan to get extra  1000 yuan, top up 10000 yuan to get extra  2500 yuan

Before 11 PM, all customers can enjoy a discount of 12% on all drinks or enjoy a special two-for-one free beer purchase


Mojito buy one get one free before 11 o ‘clock on May 4th

Moscow mules and G&G buy one get one free before 12 o ‘clock on May 5th


With the Moop experience card, you can enjoy any one of the beer/champagne/wine & fruit plate packages for free

Hiwuli Public House

Get 4 bottles of beer for free by forwarding Hiwuli Public House official wechat artical and get 20 likes

Music House

Heineken beer buy a dozen get a half dozen free

ORANGUTAN Hookah Bunker

Select 10 guests at random every night, and give them their own cocktails

A variety of cocktails buy one get one free

Rose Restaurant

Special value of 58 yuan and 188 yuan on May Day exclusive package

Kisan Sushi

Drinks at half price