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Changle Massage

Chang Le Massage sorts out the traditional massage theory and excavates traditional massage techniques; supplemented by adjuvant therapy, it just ensures that the primary experience of Millennium traditional massage culture heritage and multiple massage sect skill can be presented with three techniques of massage, chiropractic, pedicure as the core. The private tailored conditioning scheme and dialectical treatment can effectively solve the symptoms such as fatigue, pains at hand, neck and shoulder, backache, insomnia, nervousness, gastrointestinal discomfort, myasthenia of limbs, etc., allowing customers to achieve the complete relaxation and delicate nursing of “body, heart and spirit” in comfortable enjoyment.

Shop Name:    Changle Massage
Shop Type:    Lifestyle
Location:    NO210, 3F, BLOCK 10
Open Hour:    10:00-02:00
Contact:    400 633 0933