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Bonfire Cocktail

The Bonfire cocktail bar, with a new play mode set off the party boom in LAN Kwai Fong Chengdu, where you can explore your own dance steps more purely, even if you do not dance, you can also find the feeling of rhythm with the drum, you can also hug and shake the body together in groups. When the melody invaded the cell, the rhythm of the restless sound line shuttle in the dim and confused light, every soul in the alcohol and music under the anesthesia carried away. Next, let Bonfire Cocktail take you to the new exotic Promised Land and unlock new party gameplay.

Shop Name:    Bonfire Cocktail
Shop Type:    Bar & Club
Location:    NO.115, 1F, BLOCK 15
Open Hour:    18:00-02:00
Contact:    13990077760