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Date:August 18, 2023
Venue:Cetral Square

From August 18th to September 3rd, 2023, Lan Kwai Fong teams up with Budweiser Beer to bring the “Nightlife Festival” themed promotional event. A red-hot space descends upon Chengdu’s Lan Kwai Fong, with a massive “YEAH Store” themed installation featuring neon lights intertwining and vibrant colors shining. The “Internet-famous Highway Pub” creates a comfortable street atmosphere. Participants can engage in games like “Catch the Beer Interactive” and “Ice Bucket Carnival Interactive” to receive exquisite gifts. During the night, renowned DJs perform live, following the lively electronic music melodies. People can freely move to the rhythm of their true selves, allowing Chengdu consumers to indulge in a “more exciting as the night goes on” trendy and playful time.