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Rose Restaurant

If you have been to Rose restaurant, you will understand where the cooking fire comes from. The reason is simple, delicious and price-friendly! Rose restaurant has opened in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chengdu, with its head office based in Huangqiang north, Shenzhen. The 200 seat restaurant is always full and long queues during lunch time. Rose is one of the a few authentic Cantonese restaurants in Shenzhen. The owner, Mr. Ho comes from Hong Kong and used to work in the famous Cantonese restaurant, Tsui Wah.  

Running an authentic Cantonese restaurant in Chengdu is not an easy business. Ingredients such as brown goose, specific type of ginger are almost impossible to find in local Chengdu. Thus, most ingredients have to be imported from Hong Kong to ensure its authentic taste. If you are a fan of Hong Kong popular TVB drama, you will find the signature pineapple bun familiar when the main characters are poor and can only afford pineapple bun and bottle of water.

The signature chilled pineapple bun is served hot with a large slab of chilled butter in between the halves. The crispy and soft bun, chilled and melting butter stimulate your taste buds. For those who have been to Hong Kong and tried genuine Cantonese delicacies such as pineapple bun, silky milk tea and roasted pork, it is left no doubt if Rose serves authentic Cantonese cuisines. 

Shop Name:    Rose Restaurant
Shop Type:    Food & Beverage
Location:    NO.111, 1F, BLOCK 11
Open Hour:    11:30 - 02:00
Contact:    028-84421618
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